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Dr Andrew J Aubrey

Dr Andrew J Aubrey

Name: Andrew J Aubrey


Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Cardiff


Telephone: +44 (0) 29 20870389


Current interests

Analysis and synthesis of facial dynamics for animation and also further understanding of expression perception.

Example Research Title:

Mapping and Manipulation of Facial Dynamics and Speech Can the perceived trustworthiness of a subject be altered by realistically manipulating the facial dynamics?

Application Area:

In psychology studies and the animation industry to realistically alter the dynamics of both audio and visual data.


Extract the facial dynamics from a video sequence and model them.
Manipulate this model to exaggerate the expression or video content, such that it is still realistic yet different to the original video data. Concurrently warp the audio to retain synchronicity.

Looking for Commercial Partners:

To collaborate on or support new projects in audio and face dynamics modelling and synthesis.


Dr Gary K.L. Tam at Cardiff, Dr Hui Fang, Prof. Min Chen and Dr Phil Grant at Swansea University delveloping new visualisation techniques for understanding facial dynamics. Dr Douglas Cunningham (Cottbus,Germany) and Prof Christian Wallraven (Korea University) on the perception of manipulating conversational expressions.


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