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Dr Bernie Tiddeman

Dr Bernie Tiddeman

Name: Bernie Tiddeman


Senior Lecturer at Aberystwyth


Telephone: +44 (0)1970 621777


Current interests

Analysis and synthesis of facial images in 2D, 3D and video to support psychology and orthodontic research.

Example Research Project:

A 3D Psychological Face Database and Tools
Developing usable tools for psychology research
Application Area: Facial perception research.


ESRC funded project in collaboration with Stirling University. To collect a large annotated set of 3D facial images (Stirling) and to provide the tools to process the images.

The software developed allows model annotation, the non-rigid alignment of 3D models, construction of averages, groupwise alignment, statistical analysis of shape, facial transformation, symmetry and volume analysis and has a plug-in architecture for future expansion.

Looking for Commercial Partners:

To support or develop new projects in facial analysis and synthesis or other areas in computer vision and graphics.  Futher development and extensions of our iPhone apps.


Paul Rosin and David Marshall at Cardiff University developing code for automatic expression recognition in conversational 3D video.