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Dr Ian Cooper

Dr Ian Cooper

Name: Ian Cooper


Research Associate at Cardiff


Telephone: +44 (0) 2920 874821


Current interests

The use of asymmetric diffusion screens to enable naturally viewed 3D images.

The techniques involved in calibrating a multiple projector display unit: using a camera to view the display screen, each of the 60 projected images can be positionally and chromatically adjusted to form a coherent 3D display that can be viewed from a number of aspects.

Additionally the research involved the optimisation of the calibration algorithms for speed.

Application Area:

Educational display systems, medical imaging, recreational viewing.

Looking for Commercial Partners:

To collaborate with in progressing natural 3D projection systems and developing interfaces to these systems.


Example Projects

  • Naturally Viewed 3D Displays

    Naturally Viewed 3D Displays

    The NV3D display system is designed as a natural view, auto stereo display system which uses up to 36 projectors to piece together different images to different viewpoints located in front of its display screen.