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Dr Rafal Mantiuk

Dr Rafal Mantiuk

Name: Rafal Mantiuk


Lecturer at Bangor


Telephone: +44 12483 82698


Current interests

Visual perception models applied in computer graphics, imaging and computational photography. Image quality and visibility metrics. Realtime display and video processing algorithms.

Example Research Title:

Perception-adaptive imaging and graphics
Today’s electronic displays are a passive frames showing essentially the same image regardless of the way we look at them. Future display will interact with the viewer, adapt to the viewing conditions and be driven by perceptual
models to deliver eye-optimized visual content.

Application Area:

Display technologies, mobile displays, high dynamic
range imaging.


We investigate imaging algorithms that adapt to human visual performance and viewing conditions in order to deliver the best images/video given limited resources, such as computation time, bandwidth or
dynamic range. In our work we explore how the models of the human visual system and perception can be incorporated within computer graphics and imaging algorithms.

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Looking for Commercial Partners: To commercialize research ideas and to support PhD students working in the areas of perception-adaptive displays, imaging and graphics.


Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science (Germany),
Dolby Laboratories Canada, University of British Columbia (Canada), Szczecin University of Technology (Poland)


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