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Prof. David Marshall

Prof. David Marshall

Name: David Marshall


Professor at Cardiff


Telephone: +44 (0) 29 2087 5318


Current interests

Computer Vision including Reverse Engineering, Automated Inspection, Dynamic 2D/3D Facial Analysis.

Example Research Title:

Analysis of Facial Dynamics.  I am interested in the modelling and analysis of facial dynamics. This can be expression analysis, behaviour transfer and resynthesis including talking heads (audio/visual).

Application Area:

Computer Graphics/Animation, Multimedia, Biometrics, Medical and Dental Applications.


Video Realistic Talking Head: I am working on various aspects of facial analysis/synthesis, both in 2D and 3D. Our early work was concerned with driving the facial appearance from audio input alone, i.e. “talking heads”.  Facial Dynamics: A major theme of my research in recent years is the modelling of facial dynamics. We model the dynamics of each region by sampling the eigenvalues for the principal eigenvectors that span the region. I have applied this technique to a few applications including animating a talking head - e.g. inserting artificial blinks , behaviour transfer between two talking head models, the evaluation of the psychological perception of facial expressions, developing a 3D facial biometric and dental applications of 3D facial dynamics. Recent interests include collaborative expressions between two talking heads.

Looking for Commercial Partners:

Any companies or public bodies with an interest in computer vision and video analysis applications.


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