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Dr Baris Yuce

Dr Baris Yuce

Name: Baris Yuce


Research Associate at Cardiff


Telephone: +44 (0) 29 20879153


Current interests

Dr. Baris Yuce is a Research Associate at Cardiff University.

Dr. Baris Yuce is a Research Associate at Cardiff University, School of Computer Science & Informatics since November 2012. He completed his PhD at Cardiff University.

 His research interests in computer science are in the area of Image processing, Mesh Processing, Programming with Visualisation Toolkit (VTK), Blind Image Deconvolution, Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic.

He is also interest in Stochastic Optimisation Techniques such as The Bees Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing; and Optimisation problems in the area of the Supply Chain Management, Job Shop Scheduling. He is a member of IET and OR Society. 

Dr. Yuce is a team member of RIVIS project and currently working on the Mesh Processing with VTK.