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Modelling the Change in 3D Head Dynamics and Appearance

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Modelling the Change in 3D Head Dynamics and Appearance

The development of 3D (and also 2D) statistical models of facial dynamics with applications to medical/dental, computer graphics, animation and computer vision.

The models are able to represent and capture the dynamics of expression allowing for both the change in shape and visual appearance (e.g. frown lines, wrinkles) of the face. The models have been applied to analysis of facial expressions (e.g. smiles) change in facial appearance due to ageing and pre-/post-operative surgery. Current work is looking at conversational expressions correlating the (3D) facial dynamics involved in a two person conversation.

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Phil Grant

Telephone: (+44) 1792 295396

Paul Rosin

Telephone: +44 (0) 29 2087 5585

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