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Point Based Modelling and Simulation - Sampling

Cardiff Imaging Virtual Environments CAD / CAM / CAE Medical

Point Based Modelling and Simulation - Sampling

A low-discrepancy, blue-noise point set represents a continuous geometric object well, minimising discretisation artefacts. In this project we consider low-discrepancy, blue-noise sampling algorithms and theory for triangulated 2-manifolds. Results include efficient sampling algorithms that can operate in real-time scenarios and enable complete control of local sampling density and anisotropy.

We have considered this for applications in rendering, modelling and simulation: anisotropic sample placement applied to non-photorealistic stroke-based rendering; fast, robust mesh sampling for interactive sampling and rendering; improved CVT and ODT generation for meshing and simulation.

Project Leaders

Jonathan Quinn

  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Cardiff

Telephone: +44 (0) 29 20874767

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