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Sports Visualization Video

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Sports Visualization Video

Project Leaders: Dr. Iwan Griffiths, Dr. Mark Jones, Prof. Dave Marshall, Prof. Min Chen (Oxford)

Project Team: Dr. Phil Legg, David Chung, Matthew Parry, Alex Thomas

Technology is playing an ever-increasing role within sports, including the ability to collect substantial amounts of video data on player performance both in training and live-match scenarios. The review of such video data is a timely and laborious task, and in real-match scenarios is just not possible. One critical issue then is how to process and convey such complex data quickly and efficiently, so that it can be relayed back to the players and coaches in a simple and intuitive manner. The SportsViz project has worked with many high profile partners including the Welsh Rugby Union and Terry Griffiths Snooker, to deliver computer vision, video processing and data visualization tools that can address the needs of sporting professionals. Example projects include a simulated Snooker training environment, and a real-time rugby visualization tool for the iPad, “MatchPad”.

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