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Fourier-based Modeling of Topologically Complex Bone Data Using Various Alternatives of 3D Scalar Fields

Authors:  Ying Piao, Ik Soo Lim, Hyewon Seo   

DOI: 10.1109/ICASSP.2009.4959605


This article presents a new approach for Fourier-based modeling of bone anatomies for compression and smoothing. By treating the bone surface as a level set of a 3D scalar field, we can model topologically complex models such as bones. In particular, we experiment with five different alternatives, and prove that 3D scalar field which allows monotonous continuity around the boundary can be a good choice for volumetric description of the surface. This allows avoiding Gibbs phenomena which previous volume-based methods have suffered from, returning better results in compression and smoothing than other scalar fields. We demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed method by showing results with various bone data.

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Dr Ik Soo Lim

Dr Ik Soo Lim

Digital Geometry Processing, Volumetric Data Visualization, Hyperspectral Image Visualisation Visual Perception, Computational Psychology, Computational Biology.