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Two-dimensional constriction flows of foams

Authors: S.A. Jones a, B. Dollet b, N. Slosse c, Y. Jiang d, S.J. Cox a, F. Granerc,e



The flow of a quasi-two-dimensional foam through a constriction is described. The bubble velocity and elongation (texture) is compared between two sets of experiments and two different quasi-static simulations using Surface Evolver and Potts Model. The simulations capture the effect of changing the degree of rounding of the corners of the flow geometry and the length of the constricted region. Validation of these simulation methods offers the possibility to easily vary many parameters of interest and to explore parameter ranges that are inaccessible to experiments such as low liquid fraction and slow velocity. Perspectives include characterisations of a 3D flow at the bubble scale.

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Professor Simon Cox

Professor Simon Cox

Study of foam, an example of soft condensed matter. Interested in modelling structural and dynamic properties of collections of bubbles to be able to predict their response in various applications.