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Visual Reconstructability as a Quality Metric for Flow Visualization

Authors: Heike Jänicke1, Thomas Weidner2, David Chung3, Robert S. Laramee3, Peter Townsend3, Min Chen3

DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8659.2011.01927.x


We present a novel approach for the evaluation of 2D flow visualizations based on the visual reconstructability of the input vector fields. According to this metric, a visualization has high quality if the underlying data can be reliably reconstructed from the image. This approach provides visualization creators with a cost-effective means to assess the quality of visualization results objectively. We present a vision-based reconstruction system for the three most commonly-used visual representations of vector fields, namely streamlines, arrow glyphs, and line integral convolution. To demonstrate the use of visual reconstructability as a quality metric, we consider a selection of vector fields obtained from numerical simulations, containing typical flow features. We apply the three types of visualization to each dataset, and compare the visualization results based on their visual reconstructability of the original vector field.

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Dr Robert S Laramee

Dr Robert S Laramee

Data visualization including information visualization, flow visualization, and tensor field visualization.