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Visualisation of Sensor Data from Animal Movement

Authors: Edward Grundy1,2, Mark W. Jones1, Robert S. Laramee1, Rory P. Wilson2, Emily L.C. Shepard2

DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8659.2009.01469.x


A new area of biological research is identifying and grouping patterns of behaviour in wild animals by analysing data obtained through the attachment of tri-axial accelerometers. As these recording devices become smaller and less expensive their use has increased. Currently acceleration data are visualised as 2D time series plots, and analyses are based on summary statistics and the application of Fourier transforms. We develop alternate visualisations of this data so as to analyse, explore and present new patterns of animal behaviour. Our visualisations include interactive spherical scatterplots, spherical histograms, clustering methods, and feature-based state diagrams of the data. We study the application of these visualisation methods to accelerometry data from animal movement. The reaction of biologists to these visualisations is also reported.

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Dr Mark Jones

Dr Mark Jones

Photon mapping, ray tracing, global illumination, visualization, kernel density estimation, accelerometry data, transfer functions, probability density functions, clustering.

Dr Robert S Laramee

Dr Robert S Laramee

Data visualization including information visualization, flow visualization, and tensor field visualization.