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Our strategy is to organize collaborative projects around our core strength in areas such as volume graphics and visualization, video visualization, facial modelling and vision-based geometric modelling, and to broaden the scope by exploring collaborative and interdisciplinary research with other areas such as image analysis, measurement and segmentation, flow and information visualization, and computer animation, where Wales has expertise.

By carrying out a collection of collaborative projects, we can bring scientists together from the different universities. This enables us to build on our collective strengths, attract additional expertise and bring advances from other research subjects to raise the status of our research on the international stage. As a result, the research activities in Wales will be substantially inter-disciplinary and the groups become much more closely connected. This approach allows research resources to be intelligently allocated and reduces the risk of duplicated research.


The RIVIC Logo is a high-genus shape. This image depicts four interlocked Mobius strips. Each strip symbolises one of the four university partners involved in RIVIC.  The rings are interlocked symbolising unity and the coming together of four distinct entities to make something greater than the whole. The complete structure is itself a Mobius strip.

The logo was selected as a result of a competition that was held in July 2009. The winning entry came from Dr Ben Spencer, a RIVIC scientist at Swansea University.





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Fight-sensing cameras to cut crime on Britain’s streets

Fight-sensing cameras to cut crime on Britain’s streets

A million-pound project to develop ‘smart’ cameras that sense violence on the streets is being developed by Cardiff University researchers.

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