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Dr Serban Pop

Dr Serban Pop

Name: Serban Pop


Research Fellow at Bangor


Telephone: +44 (0) 1248 382704


Current interests

Modelling, simulation and visualization of real-life processes which includes fluid flow, heat and mass transport or phase changes with applications in medicine or biology

Example Research Title:

Modelling and simulation of coronary collateral circulation during an acute event .

The realistic modelling, visualization and real-time simulation of blood flow are essential components for many procedures included in any virtual training simulators design to assist and prepare surgeons for complex situations during a cardiac event. We develop robust, efficient and portable blood flow models which adapt fast to changes in geometry or flow conditions, and are very easy to integrate in any medical simulator which includes bio-fluids.

Other Research Interests:

Data Visualization, Visual Analytics and Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis. In this field the current research project is studying, by means of statistical analysis, the use of national football team’s secondary colours (replacement kit) during World Cup tournaments and its impact onto the fans community. Also, one of the motivations was to gather and analyse data unavailable to mine using traditional techniques but accessible in visual editorial form (photo/video). Hence a visual information
extraction software solution was built to collect images depicting the colour of kits used during the World Cup tournaments between 1986 and2010, enabling real-time user interaction when required.