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Dr Ben Mora

Dr Ben Mora

Name: Ben Mora


Associate Professor at Swansea


Telephone: +44 (0)1 792 295 575


Current interests

Real-Time Ray-Tracing of 3D scenes; The DirectTrace Library; Global Illumination Acceleration and Image Representation.

Example Research Title:

The DirectTrace Library As ray-tracing allows computing visibility between two arbitrary points, lighting conditions can be correctly estimated. The potential for improved realism in 3D Graphics has long been known, and ray-tracing will become mainstream when computing resources are sufficient to use it in real-time.  The idea behind our new Direct-Trace technique is to efficiently find geometrical 3D intersections between a set of random rays/lines and triangles inside a 3D space, without using any precomputation.  By not using a pre-processed data structure, we are saving time in both creating and accessing this data structure, as well as deterministically managing memory consumption.  As such, DirectTrace performs extremely well for the rendering of dynamic scenes and will be a win for the game industry.

Looking for Commercial Partners:

To support the development of the Hardware-Accelerated DirectTrace library.


Example Projects

  • Ray Tracing and Global Illumination

    Ray Tracing and Global Illumination

    Ray tracing is a significant field of computer graphics used for rendering highly realistic imagery for computer animated films, scientific data visualization, architectural and engineering designs.