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Dr Dan Lipsa

Dr Dan Lipsa

Name: Dan Lipsa


Lecturer at Swansea


Telephone: +44 (0) 1792 295393


Current interests

Data visualization and techniques to deal with large data.

Example Research Title:

FoamVis: Visualization of 2D Foam Simulation Data We develop a novel application that provides various techniques for visualization, exploration and analysis of time-dependent 2D foam simulation data. Foam scientists using our tool discover new features in foam simulation data and new insights into foam behavior. The presented images are: Pattern of bubbles traversing loops; Two discs sedimenting through foam; Foam pushed through a constricted channel.

Looking for Commercial Partners:

To help visualize, explore and analyze features of interest in their data and get insights into the process represented by the data.


Simon Cox and Tudur Davis at Aberystwyth University developing visualization solutions for foam simulation data.