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Dr Frank Langbein

Dr Frank Langbein

Name: Frank Langbein


Lecturer at Cardiff


Telephone: +44 (0) 29 20870110


Current interests

Computational modelling and applied geometry for science and engineering applications.

Example Research Title:

Quantum Engineering - Modelling, Simulating, Identifying and Controlling Quantum Devices.  The ability to model and control large-scale, realistic quantum devices may enable us to create smaller, faster, more energy-efficient devices with novel functionalities.

Application Area:

Novel electronic and photonic components, nanoelectronics and spintronics; quantum communication; control of chemical reactions, e.g. photonic reagents; metrology and imaging, etc


Devise discrete computational models for physically faithful simulation of quantum systems and develop efficient quantum control algorithms for large-scale, realistic quantum systems. This involves development of efficient simulation, system identification, control and optimisation algorithms utilising clusters of CPUs and GPUs.

Looking for Commercial Partners:

To support modelling and control of physical systems, optimal chemical reactions and synthesis routes, real-time microscopy image analysis.


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