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Prof. Nick Avis (Former Staff Member)

Prof. Nick Avis (Former Staff Member)

Name: Nick Avis (Former Staff Member)


Professor at Cardiff


Telephone: +44 (0) 29 2087 6767


Current interests

Visualization and Virtual Environments with a particular interest in medical and surgical applications.

Nick was a Research Professor at Cardiff University with research interests in interactive and real time visualization and virtual/augmented reality systems; computational steering; remote rendering; interactive grid middleware and multi-scale, multi-physics soft tissue representation and modelling.


Example Projects

  • Naturally Viewed 3D Displays

    Naturally Viewed 3D Displays

    The NV3D display system is designed as a natural view, auto stereo display system which uses up to 36 projectors to piece together different images to different viewpoints located in front of its display screen.

  • Advanced Medical Imaging and Visualization Unit

    Advanced Medical Imaging and Visualization Unit

    The unit work with projects where imaging and visualization technologies can provide added value to medical applications.