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Project IVY (Interpreting in Virtual Reality)


Project IVY (Interpreting in Virtual Reality)
The rise of migration and multilingualism in Europe requires professional interpreters in business, legal, medical and many other settings. Future interpreters therefore need to master an ever broadening range of interpreting scenarios and skills. This is difficult to achieve with traditional teaching methods and in times of reduced teaching contact hours. Also, in many of the emerging interpreting scenarios, a client-side understanding of what working with an interpreter involves is crucial, but efforts to educate potential clients of interpreters are scarce and normally separate from interpreter education. Addressing the needs of future interpreters and users of interpreters in higher education, vocational training and adult learning contexts, this project will use the exciting features of 3D virtual environment technology to create an adaptive 3D virtual environment that supports the acquisition and application of skills required in interpreter-mediated communication.

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Jonathan C Roberts

Telephone: +44 (0)1248 382725

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