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Towards a Formalized Process for Creating Haptic Data Visualizations

Poster Presentation

P.D. Ritsos, S.A. Paneels, P.J. Rodgers, J.C. Roberts, "Towards a Formalized Process for Creating Haptic Data Visualizations", VisWeek 2013 (InfoVis), Atlanta, Georgia, October 2013


Dr Panagiotis  Ritsos

Dr Panagiotis Ritsos

Panagiotis' research interests lie in the area of Human Computer Interaction and include Mixed Reality, Wearable & Ubiquitous Computing, Haptics, Visualization and User Experience.

Prof Jonathan C Roberts

Prof Jonathan C Roberts

Jonathan is particularly interested in visual analytics, information visualization and exploratory visualization in a variety of topics (including Heritage, Oceanographic data, Social media)