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Dr Jing Wu

Dr Jing Wu

Name: Jing Wu


Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Cardiff


Telephone: +44 (0)29 20876998


Current interests

Automatic bas-relief generation from 3D scenes or 2D images.

Example Research Title:

Bas-relief Generation Using Shape-from-Shading

How to create bas-reliefs from 2D real world images?

Application Area:

Computer aided industral design such as coinage. Application in 3D camera.


We learn the relationship between the views of 3D models and their bas-reliefs, and generate bas-relief images from real world images. We also develop a structure preserving shape-from-shading method to recover the bas-relief surfaces. Various techniques are utilized to enhance the salient features.

Looking for Commercial Partners:

Our work assists the artistic work in coinage. It may be of interest to Royal Mint. Also, it may open a new application in 3D camera.


Dr Yonghuai Liu et al. at Aberystwyth University providing useful ideas of generating bas-relief images.


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