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Prof. Ralph Martin

Prof. Ralph Martin

Name: Ralph Martin


RIVIC Director at Cardiff


Telephone: +44 (0) 29 2087 5536


Current interests

Polygon mesh processing including registration, noise removal, segmentation and surface fitting.

Example Research Title:

Geometric Computing Algorithms and data structures for processing geometric data, for applications.

Application Area:

Computer Aided Design, Computer Graphics, Image Processing, and Computer Vision Research: Professor Martin is currently following many lines of geometric computing research. One concerns bas-relief processing: extracting bas-reliefs from existing objects such as porcelain products, and reapplying them to new surfaces, as well as generation of new bas reliefs from 3D models and photos.

Other work lies at the boundaries of computer vision, image and video processing, and computer graphics, for example, turning videos into cartoons, and removing unwanted objects from video.

Looking for Commercial Partners:

Any companies or public bodies with an interest in processing geometric and visual data.


Working with Yonghuai Liu and Ran Song at Aberystwyth on Registration, and with Frank Langbein and others at Cardiff and Aberystwyth on Point Based Modelling. Also working with many international collaborators.


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