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Quantifying image quality in computer graphics

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Quantifying image quality in computer graphics

Validating results is a crucial problem in computer graphics. It is difficult to prove with all scientific rigour that an image produced by a new algorithm is statistically significantly better than other state-of-the-art results. This project is indented to provide means of comparing computer graphics results in a possibly effective and accurate way.

Image Description:

Input images and output predictions of the HDR-VDP-2. HDR image courtesy of HDR-VFX, LLC 2008.


Physical and perceptual limitations of a projector-based high dynamic range display

Comparison of four subjective methods for image quality assessment

Unsharp Masking, Countershading and Halos: Enhancements or Artifacts?

HDR-VDP-2: A calibrated visual metric for visibility and quality predictions in all luminance conditions

Project Leaders

Rafal Mantiuk

Telephone: +44 12483 82698

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