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Dr Gary K L Tam

Dr Gary K L  Tam

Name: Gary K L Tam


Lecturer at Swansea


Telephone: +44 (0) 1792 513383


Current interests

Digital Geometry Processing, Data Analysis and Visualization, Information Pattern Recognition, Retrieval and Indexing.

Example Research Title:

- Geometric Shape Analysis and Modelling with Applications in Computer Graphics
- Visualization of Multi-Dimensional Data.

Application Area:

Psychology studies, computer vision, multi-disciplinary visualization biometrics and security, computer graphics, film, movie related industry, CAD industry.


Gary has broad interests in developing and applying graphics, visualization, vision and optimization techniques to multi-dimensional data analysis. This data includes, but not limited to, collection of 2D images, 3D face image sequences, 3D motion capture data, 3D models with rigid / non-rigid deformation, and 4D geometry sequences.

Looking for Commercial Partners:

To support or develop new projects in:
- geometric modelling and computer graphics related area.
- visualizing multi-dimensional data for new scientific insights.


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