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Dr Mark Jones

Dr Mark Jones

Name: Mark Jones


RIVIC Director at Swansea



Current interests

Photon mapping, ray tracing, global illumination, visualization, kernel density estimation, accelerometry data, transfer functions, probability density functions, clustering.

Example Research Title:

Ray Tracing / Sensor Visualization

Application Area:

Global Illumination (left) Sensor Visualization (right)


Working on techniques to reduce bias and variance in ray traced scenes. The top spheres image shows traditional photon mapping with low bias but high variance. Our methods are able to remove this noise to produce clean images with low bias. We do this by producing photon maps such as the one pictured in grey.

Working on techniques to offer succinct visualizations and labelling of sensor data (in this case accelerometry data from sensors on animals).


Example Projects

  • Biological sensor data

    Biological sensor data

    The group created novel data visualization and data analysis approaches for accelerometry data from animal behaviour data tags.

  • Ray Tracing and Global Illumination

    Ray Tracing and Global Illumination

    Ray tracing is a significant field of computer graphics used for rendering highly realistic imagery for computer animated films, scientific data visualization, architectural and engineering designs.

  • Sports Visualization Video

    Sports Visualization Video

    Technology is playing an ever-increasing role within sports, including the ability to collect substantial amounts of video data on player performance both in training and live-match scenarios.